Rachel Lee

Rachel Lee is an assistant professor at the History of Architecture and Urban Planning Chair at the TU Delft, and an associated researcher with METROMOD. Her research explores the histories of colonial and postcolonial architecture and urbanism at their intersections with migration and exile, transnational practice, heritage, mobility, and gender, particularly in South Asia and East Africa. She is currently also a Mellon Fellow with the Canadian Centre for Architecture’s “Centring Africa” project.

Recent publications include “Engaging the Archival Habitat: Architectural Knowledge and Otto Koenigsberger’s Effects.” Comparative Studies of South Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Special Section: Architecture as a Form of Knowledge, vol. 40, no. 3, December 2020, 526–540, “Unlikely Collaborations? Planning Experts from Both Sides of the Iron Curtain and the Making of Abuja.” Transforming Cities: Urbanization and International Development in Africa and Latin America since 1945, special issue of Comparativ, vol. 30, no. 1/2, December 2020, 38–59 (with Anne-Katrin Fenk and Monika MotyliƄska), and “Hospitable Environments: The Taj Mahal Palace Hotel and Green’s Hotel as Sites of Cultural Production in Bombay.” Arrival Cities: Migrating Artists and New Metropolitan Topographies in the 20th Century, edited by Burcu Dogramaci et al., University of Leuven, 2020, 249–268.