Black Lives Matter

Note to new readers: This project was published in early 2015, as a rapid response to the emergence of the Black Lives Matter movement. These article are (sadly) sill relevant, and we hope they will be useful. We also wanted to direct readers to more recent texts that address the intersections of race, space, and activism. Two excellent reading lists can be found here and here.


Black Lives Matter • Jonathan Massey and Meredith TenHoor with Sben Korsh

Diagnosis: Policing and Incarceration

Is “Justice Architecture” Just? • Raphael Sperry

Schools and Prisons • Amber Wiley

Fair Policing for the Fair City? • Researchers for Fair Policing

Defensible Space and the Open Society • Joy Knoblauch

Designing the Great Migration • James D. Graham and Michael Abrahamson

Resistance: Rights to City and Suburb

The Invisible Brother with a Brick • Brian Goldstein

Race, Planning, and the American City • Joseph Heathcott

The Rights to the Suburb • Dianne Harris

Air and the Politics of Resistance • Derek R. Ford

Aesthetics: From Cities to Curricula

Black Spaces Matter • Charles Davis II

Toward a Black Formalism • Darell Fields

Farming the Revolution • Mike Carriere, Antoine Carter, and Fidel Verdin

Valuing Black Lives Means Changing Curricula • Héctor Tarrido-Picart